Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stonecat Cafe

The Stonecat Cafe was featured in the ROCLiving of the Democrat and  Chronicle this morning (Tuesday, July 22, 2014).

Joan and I had the opportunity to enjoy the culinary offerings of this fine restaurant this summer.

We ate on the outside veranda.

We walked through the elaborate flower garden after lunch.

Another review in the Democrat and  Chronicle.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Emita II - Syracue to Oswego

Arriving at Dutchman's Landing at 8:45 AM, Captain Dan directed us where to park. Kenny greeted us at the gangplank of the Emita II. After putting our bags on the upper deck we visited the continental breakfast table on the lower deck. We helped ourselves to a delicious cup of coffee and a Danish and two lemon poppy seed muffins. Drawing a second cup of coffee we went top-side. There an early morning kayaker oared by.
Captain Dan made a few introductory remarks regarding safety and then we left the dock and headed for Onondaga Lake.

Passing by Longbranch Park's Grand American Antiquefest we viewed vendors setting up.
Entering Onondaga Lake.
Fishing along the Onondaga Lake outlet is a popular early morning activity.
Just before turning around in Onondaga Lake.
Plane approaching landing at Hancock International Airport.
Heading out of Onondaga Lake we encounter our first flock of Canada Geese.
Onondaga Lake Park dog walkers and joggers.
Joan noticed an Onondaga Lake Park biker who had put down his bike to take a picture of the Emita II.
Dan pointed out a family of Mute Swans.
Dan related a story of this barge's history.
Color along the canal.
More Canada Geese.
Some of the several Great Blue Herons we spotted in our travels.
Mileage Sign near the junction of the Oneida, Seneca, and Oswego Rivers, known as Three Rivers Point. Area is south of Phoenix.
Syracuse Canal Maintenance plant.
Entering the village of Phoenix.
Bridge House Museum and Henley Park from Lock Island. Home of The Bridgehouse Brats.

Lock #1 - Phoenix
Phoenix trunion bridge.
Phoenix fishermen.
Phoenix car gate.
Cormorants in spillway before Lock #2 Fulton.
Fulton Lock #2
Fulton Lock #2 - Warning Signs - STOP.
Lock #2 - Locktender
Lock #3 - Fulton
Zebra mussels on wall of Lock #3.
Family onlookers and Locktender Lock #3.
Fishermen at Lock #3.
David Van Buren House Fulton NY
Lock #5 - Minetto Bridge
Lock #5 - Minetto
Lock #5 - Spillway
Lock #6 - Oswego
Sammy the Dog
Lock #6 Spillway
Locktender Lock #6
Lock #7 - Oswego
Lock #8 - Oswego
Waiting to Enter Lock #8
Bridie Manor
Oswego Canal Park
Syracuse - Wendy's Work Barge
Obstruction in Lock #8 - Captain Dan had to navigate by.
Vona Shoes
Oswego Harbor - Lock #8
Oswego Harbor - Silos
H. Lee White Museum
Nine-Mile Point
Fort Ontario
Oswego Harbor Lighthouse
Journey's End
After traveling 23 miles, descending 118 feet, via 7 locks we reached the Port of Oswego and Lake Ontario.

The birds seen during our canal voyage were:
Mute Swan
Great Blue Heron
Grebe (?)
Lesser Yellowlegs
Ring-billed Gull
Turkey Vulture
Canada Geese
Caspian Tern
Tree Swallows
Great Crested Cormorant
Barn Swallow

Bus was not in the parking lot. Parked around in front of the motel. Captain Dan sent President Peter to shame the bus driver to come on down. He did. Our boatl trip to Oswego took seven-plus hours; our bus trip to Dutchman’s Landing took less than 45 minutes.

Retrieved our car in the parking. Phoned Emily and Michael - no answer.

Went to Dominick’s for dinner. Angelina, our waitress, was terrific. Michael and Emily joined us while we were on our salad course. Chix Parm special no longer is offered on Sunday, but we had Chix Parm anyways. Delicious plus portions seemed larger. Michael had Chix Parm and Emily had the Pork Special.

Safe trip home. A long day but worthwhile.

See you back here Wednesday.