Sunday, October 26, 2014

Raquette Lake St. William R.C. Church

1890 - William West Durant donates land and funds to construct St. William's Roman Catholic Church on Long Point, given to the people of Raquette Lake.
2004 - St. William's RC Church in Raquette Lake Village holds last service

Raquette Lake

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Week Forty-Four - 8 To Go

Marcia Muller uses an interesting technique to differentiate her chapters. Each one bears the name of the person who is most prominent in that chapter. Storyline is edgy but short, choppy chapters and one-liners take their toll. Muller has done better.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sit Still - Just Sit Still (A Remembrance)

"I got on the bus to go home."

The famous U.P.I. photo
actually taken on Dec. 21, 1956

Robert Fulghum on page 112 of his bestseller, It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, quotes the words heard at the pearly gates Monday evening 24th of October 2005. “Ah, Rosa Parks, we’ve been expecting you. Make yourself at home---take any seat in the house.”

Nearly 50 years ago, Dec. 1, 1955, Parks challenged the South's Jim Crow laws -- and Montgomery's segregated bus seating policy -- by refusing to get up and give her seat to a white passenger.

Impressive - how doing nothing could cause so much activity.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pine Grove Community Church

The little church at the crossroads, known as the Pine Grove Union Church was built by Lucian Rumble, a local caretaker. Rumble also acted as the architect for the church. The design of the interior was copied from a little theater Rumble had once seen. Building was started in 1896 at a cost of about $134.00.
The chairs and pulpit were given by Mrs. Wormwood, and Mrs. Hill.
Choir Loft
The church is known for its unusual interior, seats are arranged on a sloping floor as in a theater, necessitating cutting off the rear legs a bit. Accordingly, to enter, one must walk to the front of the church to climb the slope up to one's seat. It has been pointed out that "everyone" would know if you were late for church.
Church Organ
The organ was purchased from the Baptists of Lowville who were acquiring a bigger one for their newly built church. 
A bell was purchased in 1905.

National Register of Historic Places
National Register of Historic Places

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National Register of Historic Places
Lewis County church makes NYS Historic Register of Places - See more at:
Lewis County church makes NYS Historic Register of Places - See more at:
Lewis County church makes NYS Historic Register of Places - See more at:
National Register of Historic Places

Week Forty-Three - 9 To Go

Louise Penny moves her familiar Three Pines characters out of their comfort zone. While on a road trip searching for Clara’s husband, Peter Morrow, these villager voyagers discover inner truths that set them free.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tim's Pumpkin Patch 2014

Wicked & Toto

Taking advantage of the sunny day, Joan and I went for our annual trek to Tim's Pumpkin Patch.
 Rose Hill Road
Barn Greeter

We purchased some Indian corn, several gourds and seven pumpkins.
Went to the animal pens.
As we were leaving the store a gentleman inquired about my camera. Turns out he was formerly a wedding photographer. Introducing ourselves we discovered that his name was Marty Cameron and his wife was Joanne. They live in Dewitt. We visited for awhile and Marty shared information about two cameras that he recently bought at Best Buy.

After stopping at Rita to leave her a molasses cookie we returned home.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grace United Methodist Church

Speculator NY

Following paintings in the Speculator & Lake Pleasant History Museum:

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