Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week Forty - 12 to Go

Hey, it’s Chris Van Allsburg. Always splendid illustrations. A plus for this book is its historical thrust. If you have been to Niagara Falls, a must read. If you have not been to Niagara Falls, make it a vacation destination and take this book along.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tim's Pumpkin Patch

Since the day was clear and bright, Joan suggested that we make our annual pilgrimage to Tim's Pumpkin Patch.

Surprisingly there was sparse activity on the farm today. After grabbing a wheelbarrow we filled it with a dozen gourds, three hanks of Indian corn and three pumpkins. After a quick view of the animals and before paying for our bounty, we purchased a Molasses cookie to share on the way home.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Thirty-Nine - 13 to Go

Eric Carle can tell a story with both words and pictures to delight everyone even the child in the adult. Plus the squeaker duck at the end is wonderful surprise.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Westcott Street Fair

Michael, Emily, Joan and I made our annual trek to The Westcott Street Cultural Fair. This was the Fair's 21st celebration. As always the diversity and uniqueness of the Westcott neighborhood was in full display.
Thousands crowded Westcott Street.

One of first stops was the Petit Branch of the Onondaga County Public Library. Here amongst an elbow-to-jowl crowd was the library's annual book sale. Purchased a Marcia Ball CD, Blue House, and two books for Elizabeth (one of which was a collection of Irish poems).
Amongst the crowd were political activist, clowns, musicians, and hustlers.
Joan and Emily went into Boom Babies while Michael and I visited the Cazenovia tent. Then a gentleman went by on his Segway PT.
We left the Fair but look forward to next year.
After watching the Bills and Jets win we capped off our day with a delicious meal at Dominick's.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week Thirty-Eight - 14 to Go

A sleuthing marathon. A puzzle mystery. Totally agree with Jeff Ayers’ (Associated Press) review that "XO" delivers more twists than a bag of pretzels. Kathryn Dance's toughest case, and Deaver's best book yet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

This Tony Award-winning musical came to the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse last evening. Joan and I along with an expectant audience settled in for what turned out to be an extraordinary evening of music and humor.

Rona Lisa Perretti (Lorinne Lampert), the perky, non-stop lady in charge, introduced the contest participants, Marcy Park (Lisa Helmi Johanson), Leaf Coneybear (Scott Guthrie), Logainne Schwarzandgrubanniere (Joanna Krupnick), Olive Ostrovsky (Brittany Kiernan), Chip Tolentino (Geoffrey Kidwell), William Barfee (Bruce Warren), plus three volunteers drawn from the audience, Meg Vanek (Executive Director at Cayuga County Convention and Visitors Bureau), Daniel Larson (President of Cayuga Community College), and a woman whose name I did not hear.

All the characters are more or less anxious as they step up to spell words like "strabismus," "cystitis," "capybara" and "weltanschauung."
Brittany Kiernan as Olive Ostovsky

While the tunes “My Friend, the Dictionary” and “I’m Not That Smart” are witty and ear-catching. And Brittany Kiernan delivered a touching ballad, "I Love You". The show's best number was "Pandemonium" where cast let loose with craziness.

Bruce Warren's performance (insistent that his last name be pronounced bar-FAY) had Joan and I laughing to the point of tears.  As the grotesquely loutish, arrogant nerd BarfĂ©e, Warren used his "magic foot" to spell out each word on the floor. Warren has been a comic highlight on the playhouse stage all summer.

Ed Sayles and the board made an excellent decision to include this marvelous and hilarious production in the 2012 season.

Other shows of the 2012 season:
Kiss Me Kate
9 to 5
My Fair Lady

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Urger Visits Fairport

During The Waterford Tugboat Roundup (2009) the crew of the Lois McClure
snuck over to Tug Urger with malice & piracy in their hearts. They redecorated
Tug Urger as a Burger joint. They'd made a set of the letter "B" to stick in front
of the name Urger, to produce "Burger".

Monday, September 16, 2012, the tugboat "Urger" shared its role in the history of the Erie Canal with fourth-grade students from Brooks hill Elementary School in Fairport.

Coverage of this visit was featured in the Rochester Democratic and Chronicle.

Last month "Urger' spent four days docked in the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hudson Valley Chalk Art Festival

Chalk art is an ephemeral form of art. Ephemeral is a word originating from the Greek word Ephemeros, which means "Lasting only one day". Many believe that part of the beauty of chalk art is the impermanence of it. Chalk artists often use pastels to create vivid drawings and 3D images on streets and sidewalks The surfaces they work on are usually asphalt or concrete, but sometimes can include bricks, pavers, and smooth stone!

The home of the Hudson Valley Chalk Art Festival was the Water Street Market in New Paltz NY. The event was held on Friday (7/20/12) through Sunday (7/21/12).

The following photos were submitted by Mitch Zapotoski:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orchard Street Revived

Photo taken by Kelly Voll

From left, Assemblyman Gary Finch, New York State Assembly, Peggy Ogden, interim executive director of the Allyn Foundation, Cynthia Aikman, Cayuga County Legislature, Ben Lockwood, director of development for Housing Visions, Arlene Ryan, Orchard Street resident and member of the Orchard Street Area Association, Daniel Buyer, assistant commissioner for regional affairs for NYS Homes & Community Renewal, and Auburn Mayor Michael Quill participate in a groundbreaking ceremony at 1 Orchard St., Auburn NY (9.12.13)

Auburn's Orchard Street is turning 16 dilapidated houses into visually pleasing, affordable rental units.
Housing Visions purchases and develops homes, either by demolishing them and rebuilding or rehabilitating old homes in neighborhoods that may be declining due to crime, deterioration of the buildings and other factors.

These homes in the area are going through rehabilitation:

These lots in the area are ready for development:

These homes are already being used by families:

This unit is ready for occupancy:

An Orchard Street mainstay:

Orchard Street residents should be proud.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fleming-Aurburn Trail & Cayuga College Trail

This afternoon decided to revisit the Fleming-Auburn Trail, which is part of the Cayuga County Trail system. Since this summer has been extremely dry was interested to observe its effects on the trail. Parked at the south entrance. After arousing the dogs in the house adjacent to the trail walked to the North entrance. On the return took photographs.
Field to the East of the trail just before the first bridge.
Looking East from the 1st Bridge
Looking South
Looking West from the 2nd Bridge
Dry Creek Bed
New (?) Culvert By-pass to Farm Field
Farm Field to the West of Fleming-Auburn Trail
Looking West from the 3rd Bridge
Farm Field to the East of Fleming-Auburn Trail

During the walk a female jogger passed me heading north. While birds were scarce, did observe a Blue Jay, two Turkey Vultures (soaring in the thermals), two Chickadees, and 2 Goldfinches. Flora along the entire trail was dry and stressed.

After completing my walk decided to swing by the Cayuga College Trail. Glad I did. Near the Lily Pond Walt Aikman was holding a class. Visiting briefly with Walt he answered a question that I have had for sometime. Walt identified the young tree at the head of the trail entrance as a Black Oak.

Birds were scarce here too. A Crow and a Turkey Vulture were flying overhead and five Mallards were in the second pond.

Previous visits to these trails: