Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birding - MNWR

Arrived early (6:38 AM) at the Montezuma National Wildlife Center. There in the Entrance Pool were Blue-winged Teal and Northern Shovelers.
On the deck at the Visitors' Center was a school group painting with watercolors. From the deck's vantage point saw two Caspian Terns (first of 2014 for me) and a Yellowlegs.
The Purple Marten houses near the Office were bustling with frantic activity.
Leaving the Visitors' parking lot made my way along the Auto-Drive. There viewed a Song Sparrow, Buffleheads, Ring-necked Ducks, Canada Geese, and a Killdeer (first of 2014 for me).
Exiting the Auto-Drive went over to Mays Point. There in a tree near the fisherman's parking lot was a Cedar Waxwing.
Proceeded to North Spring Pool. There on the nest in the Southwest corner were two Osprey. Also, a Song Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow were in the pool.
At the South Spring Pool walked the trail to the pool. There was the Green Heron (first of 2014 for me) in a tree near the same place that I saw him here last year.
Drove River Road. Came upon a school bus trip from Victor who came to view the eagles. They were not disappointed since the eagles were around and on the nest at the point.
Last stop was Harris Park. Watched an Osprey having lunch.
 Another great day for birding.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week Eighteen - 34 To Go

This how-to book is probably not for the beginning photographer. But once you feel comfortable manipulating the camera, this book will help you compose pictures instead of just shooting snapshots.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Birding - Cayuga College Trail

Second Pond
Students and faculty advisors have been pruning the trail.

The Cayuga College Trail is in Spring renewal. New growth trees, Colds Foot, Skunk Cabbage, Chionodoxa-Luciliae, and Magnolia blossoms are in evidence.
There were few birds. An Eastern Phoebe and four American Robins by the gazebo. Two Mallards in the second pond. Coming upon Jan's bird feeding area there were two White-throated Sparrows (male and female), plus two Chick-a-dees.

On the trail near the second pond Donna & Dawn were walking their dogs.

Upon leaving noticed four Brown-headed Cowbirds near the gazebo.
Another great day for birding.

Birding - MNWR

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Departed the driveway looking forward to a scheduled 9 AM birding hike at the Montezuma Audubon Center.

Driving along McDonald Road passed this Mallard Domestic hybrid in a farm front yard.

Made a quick visit to Muckrace Flats. There found a lone Trumpeter Swan, a pair of Canada Geese, and a pair of Wigeons.

Proceeded to Crusoe Creek boat launch. First Goldfinch of the year.
No one showed up at the MAC so I continued on my way. Cruising down Rt. 89 saw that the Osprey have returned to the nest that was destroyed by the wind storm last summer.
Entering Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge saw Don and Ruth driving the company truck. Traveling around the Auto-Drive saw Northern Shovelers, Red-wing Balckbirds, Ring-billed Gulls (one eating a fish), Juvenile Bald Eagles, Ring-necked Ducks, American Coots, Blue-winged Teal,
and a Redhead.
Leaving the Auto-Drive pulled into North Spring Pool. There is the Southeast corner were two Osprey on the nest/platform and one Osprey was flying overhead.
Skunk cabbage is out in abundance.
The Osprey was perched near the tower nest at the Cayuga-Seneca lock.
On my way home stopped at Harris Park. The Osprey are using the nest adjacent to the village office. The Osprey was on the nest, then flew off to fish, returning to enjoy his catch on a tree.
 Another great day for birding.