Monday, September 29, 2014

Leaf-Peepin' 2014 - Part II

Sunrise - Room 9 - Oxbow Motel
After a restful sleep, Joan and I arose to find a fog shrouded Owbow Lake. Joan went to the office. There Jay Bain, the Oxbow Lake Motel owner, offered Joan two cups of brewed coffee and four slices of chocolate zucchini bread baked by Betsy. Jay suggested the King of the Frosties for breakfast.

Before heading out for breakfast, we drove down to the motel dock for photos.
Oxbow Lake
Before arriving in Speculator we stopped to photograph two churches, Lake Pleasant United Methodist Church and Grace United Methodist Church in Speculator.

Lee, our waitress at the King of the Frosties, brought us water and coffee. Our meals, Joan had eggs over lightly and I had my usual Western omelet, quickly came out of the kitchen. Both dishes were served with thin sliced fried potatoes that were delicious.

Before checking out of the motel we had a conversation with David, a biker from New York City. This was his first road trip to the Adirondacks.

On the road again we turned left in Speculator and headed to Indian Lake. Made three stops.
Mason Lake
Scenic Overview - south of Indian Lake
Durant Lake
We pulled over at Blue Mt. Lake for a pit stop and to take the mandatory photos.
Pulled over on Rt. 28 to photograph Raquette Lake and St. William R.C. Church plus the community garden project.
Rt. 28 View
View from Raquette Lake Dock
Community Garden
We pulled into Arrowhead Park in Inlet.
Geocache - still there
Fourth Lake
 Feeling a need for food we decided to go to Daikers. Despite being busy we were seated quickly on the veranda. Hannah, our waitress, was very attentive. Joan had a Cape Cod salad and I had a chicken wrap.
View from our table.
Heading towards the Thruway we decided to visit Delta Lake State Park. Thanks to the GPS we got there easily.
We returned to 88 safely to find a message from Michael and Emily on the answering machine. They had yet to leave Las Vegas due to the problems in Chicago.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Leaf-Peepin' 2014 - Part I

This American Goldfinch flitted into the front yard Thursday morning (9/25/14) and announced that the leaves are at peak. So Joan and I made reservations at the Oxbow Lake Motel.

Having packed last evening, we loaded the car and after saying good-bye to Bradley started North. The colors blasted forth immediately as we turned on Rt. 8. As we passed through Poland, Ohio, and Morehouse the intensity increased especially the reds and oranges.

Before we checked in we opted for lunch at the Owbow Inn.
This dining would prove to be test in patience. Our waitress, Tracy, was the only server. The place was packed with bikers, locals, and tourists. We would wait for two hours before we were served our burgers. Tracy did good. We felt sorry for her predicament.

Driving next door we found an envelope containing our room key hanging on a board next to the Oxbow Motel office door. While putting our bags in Room 9, Betsy, the owner, popped out of an adjacent room with a mop and bucket. After introductions Joan asked for dinner suggestions. Betsy said The Inn at Speculator would be a good choice.
Leaving the motel we took our initial drive to Lake Pleasant, Speculator and Wells. On the way we stopped to do two geocaches: Airdville and Ye Old Town Hall.
Airdville Cemetery
Old Town Hall
Arriving in the Speculator we parked in a lot and walked across the highway to the beach.
Lake Pleasant Beach
Since it was too early to eat, we took a side trip into Moffitt State Park. This park was spotless and deserted. We walked the beach until some pesky flies forced us back into the car.
Moffitt State Park
Our day ended with a fine dining experience at The Inn at Speculator. Brooke, our server, was extremely helpful with suggestions for Joan. Joan had a grilled salmon salad with Apple and Maple Vinaigrette. I had the chicken special, chicken with melted cheese over tomatoes and a salad with Cucumber and Leek Vinaigrette. The Inn sells their dressing under the Adirondack Gourmet label. Joan purchased a bottle of the Apple and Maple Vinaigrette.

Returning to the motel we settled in to find that we could not figure out how to turn on the TV. Thank God for books.

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Grace United Methodist Church Speculator NY

Week Forty - 12 To Go

Good introduction to V.I. Warshawski, Private Investigator. Novel brings a feminist perspective to the hard-boiled Private Eye genre.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks Band

This evening, Joan and I attended the Tedeschi Trucks Band concert at the Oncenter's Crouse Hinds Theater.

Michael purchased the tickets for us. Following his directions we effortlessly made our way to OnCenter parking just off Rt. 81. A short two block walk as well as helpful hints from a pleasant lady crossing guard brought us passed the War Memorial and to the front door of the OnCenter.

Ascending to the balcony first by an escalator and then two flights of stairs brought to our seats. There were in the second row from the balcony railing. After a flash of acrophobia passed I settled down next to Joan and prepared to enjoy the opening act, Playonbrother -- the electric soul-rock project featuring Alan Evans of Soulive.

Alan Evans drove the group with his drumming and vocals. The crowd seems pleased with their effort.

The crowd filled in as Playonbrother closed. In front of us, Westcott Kevin and his merry rebel rousers took their seats.  Then proceeded to get up and down for the rest of the evening. It took me awhile to convince myself that none in this group would fall off the balcony.

The concert was well lite and fine tuned. Susan's voice is mellow but she can grit up for the blues. Derek's guitar riffs were riveting while appearing effortless on his part.

The principals allow their sidemen to shone. The horns section was solid. The dueling drummers performed an impressive solo. The backup singers came forward and got the crowd hand clapping.

For the encore Susan set the stage then sat on the side as Derek did a solo.

Exit back to the car and leaving downtown was easy. Only bummer was all the restaurants were closed.

Some photos from our seats:

Preview by Chris Baker.

Review by Chris Baker.

Review by Jeff Spevak.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week Thirty-Nine - 13 To Go

2014 - Stephen King writes a mystery; James Patterson writes a psychological thriller. These genre switches will keep their readers pushing forward until the last page.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Historic Mentz Church

The Historic Mentz Church is nestled in the rural countryside of the Town of Montezuma, NY. The gable-roofed, one-room church was erected by the early settlers of the area prior to its incorporation in 1825 as a First Methodist Episcopal Church which then was in the Town of Mentz.

The historic roadside marker was generously funded by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation in 2012.

One of the best ways to describe what it meant to the people that attended services at the Old Mentz Church is a poem written by C. Martin Carr.

More interpretations at InSPIREd Sunday.

Week Thirty-Eight - 14 To Go

Nothing new here in this series. Plot tends to be tedious. Might leave the reader with one question - “What happened here?”

Monday, September 8, 2014

Will Rogers Follies, A Life in Revue

This evening Joan and I attended our fourth play of the 2014 season, Will Rogers Follies, A Life in Revue. Once in our seats we observed that the crowd that filled the playhouse was going to be appreciative one.
 Will Rogers (Tom Wopat)
Will Rogers (Tom Wopat) shows off his ropin' skills.
Betty Blake (Elisa Van Duyne)
Mary Rogers (Emma DeGroff), Will Rogers Jr. (Michael Ducayne), James Rogers (Sera Bullis), and Freddy Rogers (Isabella Ducayne)
 Clem Rogers (Steve Luker) and his six single daughters.
The Ensemble
(Photos - Courtesy of Issac James)
The highlights of this production for us were the "Never Met a Man I Didn't Like" done by Tom Wopat and the company as The Finale. Also Steve Luker as Will's father, Clem Rogers, added punch to the humorous segments. Plus the rope tricks by Chris McDaniel (also played the part of Wally Post) were outstanding.

Melinda Johnson's preview in The Post-Standard.
Len Fonte's review in The Post-Standard. 

David Wilcox's preview in The Citizen.

David Wilcox interviews Tom Wopat.

Tom Wopat talks about the 'Dukes of Hazzard'.

David Wilcox's review in The Citizen.


Will Rogers dropped out of school in tenth grade to become a cowboy.

The Will Rogers Institute, originally founded as a hospital in 1936, now funds acclaimed research hospitals and nine fellowships across the United States. The Institute is making strides in treating pulmonary diseases, all in honor of Will Rogers' humanitarian spirit.

Will Rogers and Wally Post died in a plane crash on Point Barrow, Alaska, on August 15, 1935, at the age of 55.

A Local Connection:

The Dunn and McCarthy Shoe Company, owned and operate for generations by the Emerson Family, was the proud producer of Enna Jettick Shoes. Enna Jetticks were conceived of in 1926 by Fred L. Emerson. They were the fist shoes ever to be mass produced in standard widths and sizes.

In addition to revolutionizing the shoe industry, Emerson was a pioneer in marketing and advertising. In 1930, he contracted for the first nationwide radio hookup with 65 stations. It was here that Will Rogers got his first radio gig starring in Enna Jettick's Melodies.

Dunn & McCarthy operated in Auburn for more than a century, employing thousands of Auburnians, before closing in 1990. The success of Dunn & McCarthy and philanthropic spirit of long time president F.L. Emerson continue to shape the Auburn community today through former employees who are our friends and neighbors and the work of the Fred L. Emerson Foundation.

Other shows of this season:
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Menopause - The Musical

On the Town
Damn Yankees
The Church Basement Ladies in the Last (Potluck) Supper