Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week Forty-Three - 9 To Go

In this strong mystery Henning Mankell creates his signature central character, Kurt Wallander. Mankell’s careful attention to the Swedish setting gives oomph to this police procedural.

Road Trip - Moravia & Glen Haven

After breakfast at Green Shutters and freshening up at home and since it looked to be a good day for a Sunday drive, we decided to travel to Moravia and visit Filmore Glen Stat Park.

Parked near the pavilion. Crossed the bridge near the swimming hole and continued to The Cow Sheds.
View from the Bridge
Lifeguard Chair
The Cow Sheds

Returning to the car we headed for Glen Haven. Traveling hill and dale but always east  we came to New Hope. Proceeded on down towards Glen Haven.
Looking north back towards Moravia.
Looking east across Skaneateles Lake from Glen Haven Road.

Another great day for leaf-peepin'.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Road Trip - Stonecat

Appeared the day was going to be great for leaf-peepin' in the Finger Lakes. So Joan and I decided to first go to our favorite restaurant on Seneca Lake, The Stonecat Cafe. The organic regional cuisine served here is terrific.

After the hostess lead us to our table, Kim, our waitress, greeted us, poured out water, and recited the specials for the day. We both ordered the Cornmeal Crusted Catfish Sandwich. This golden-fried catfish was served with Hector pepper mayo and greens, a fresh dill cole slaw, and a pickle. Mine came with a grilled sesame seed bun; Joan was bun-less but the catfish appeared slightly larger. We both had soup. Joan's was a gluten-free tangy squash bisque and mine was a creamy potato.
Across the highway in front of The Stonecat Cafe
Behind The Stonecat Cafe

Leaving the restaurant we went to Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards.
Then we made our way to Watkins Glen. Our journey was temporarily detained by a train.
The waterfront at Watkins Glen was brisk but colorful. The public bathrooms were clean.
A similar photo of this boathouse is featured on the cover of the fall issue of

We continued our trip up the west side of Seneca Lake stopping at Glenora Wine Cellars.

The leaves were colorful with the emphasis on oranges and yellows with an occasional red.

Another successful road trip.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fleming-Auburn Trail

Having not walked this trail for sometime, parked at the southern entrance around midday. The horses were in the fields east of the trail but due to the growth of the bushes could not gt a good photo. However The Minnow is still there.
Although the peak for autumn foliage has passed due to rain and cooler temperatures, there still were some colorful leaves along the trail.
Also, the collection of  fire trucks and rescue vehicles were still visible from the trail.
Almost to the northern end of the trail there appeared to be a truck in the middle of the trail. Not knowing why it was there, turned around and headed back to the car.
Thistles, running water, moss on the bridges, and last of the wildflowers were seen on my return walk.
An interesting discovery!
Farm Hand? Hunter? Trail Walker?

Heard a Blue Jay and a Chick-a-dee and saw thirteen American Robins. But birds were scarce. But did observe two Chipmucks, a Gray Squirrel, and a Yellow Sulphur butterfly (pieridae). Plus a new growth English Oak.
Always a great day for a walk on a trail.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Cayuga College Nature Trail

It has been awhile since I visited this trail. Recently The Baumes ceded some of their former flower business property to the college. Although this section has yet to be developed, some improvements have been made on the trail. Some of the scrub trees have been cut down, new saplings have been planted, and new signage is evident.
Several Red Maples are among the new tree plantings.
Some decaying trees still need to be removed.
There were seven Mallards in the second pond, and five Mallards in the third pond.
The area near Jan's Bird Feeding was barren of birds.
Path to Wolf Tree.
Wolf Tree

Always a great day for visiting this trail.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week Forty-Two - 10 To Go

Veteran crime novelist Reed Farrel Coleman continues his strong effort to revive the late Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series. Coleman does an astounding job drawing out the haunting ghosts of Jesse’s past.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week Forty-One - 11 To Go

In this sequel David Lagercrantz has advanced the series. While some critics may feel betrayed, Lagercrantz does fill in Lisbeth’s background and sharpens Lisbeth’s edge. Glad Lagercrantz reunites Blomkvist and Salander and defines Camilla as their arch enemy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


In Its Heyday

After spending an inordinate amount of money this Spring, we decided that the pool had served us well so it could be taken down.
Mustard proves too difficult to tackle
Or did last winter's storm do the pool in?

Since opening the pool on May 5, 1993, for 22 seasons the pool provided us with fun and entertainment. The girls especially enjoyed their floatees.
And the boys had fun with their invented games.
BR began dismantling the pool yesterday (10/3/15).
BR removed the pool in its entirety this afternoon (10/4/15).
 So Long Old Friend!