Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cayuga College Nature Trail

Sign at the Trail Entrance

Decided to visit the Cayuga College Trail to see if there were any dragonflies around. Was not disappointed.
Damselfly - Aurora Damsel
Dragonfly - Blue Dasher
Dragonfly - Common Whitetail
 Dragonflys  - Common Whitetail & Emerald Spreadingwing

Also viewed several birds.
American Robin
Song Sparrow (First Pond)
Red-wing Blackbird (Second Pond)
Gray Catbird

As usual there were deer on the trail.
Feeding near the Second Pond.
Always a great day for visiting this trail.

Previous walks on the Cayuga College Trail:

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week Twenty-Six - 26 To Go

What a great storybook to read aloud to a child. Beautiful art (amazing illustrations), great storyline and charming writing make for a winner.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week Twenty-Five - 27 To Go

No badge, no problem. Lucas Davenport is back doing what he does best - investigating.  A clever assassination scheme plus a job offer at the end, will keep the reader on point.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week Twenty-Four - 28 To Go

This is the second book in David Baldacci’s Amos Decker series.  While Amos’ unique mental condition makes for a complicated plot (racism, a father-son relationship and capital punishment), some readers may be put off by the slow pace of this action thriller. Wonder if the Mars-Decker relationship will reappear in a future Baldacci work.

Week Twenty-Three - 29 To Go

Barbara Parker is a terrific storyteller. This legal thriller is proof. While the first half tends to be repetitive and the legalese is at times overwhelming, the second half is well paced and believable. Plus, Gail and Anthony’s tempestuous relationship takes a turn towards understanding. Parker uses this novel to point out that the criminal justice system is flawed and to show that when the police and the courts make mistakes that they rarely admit them.

Monday, June 6, 2016


This evening Joan and I attended our first play of the 2016 season, Oklahoma!.  Entering the Merry-Go-Round playhouse we were greeted by a smiling, pleasant usher who took our tickets and welcomed us to the theater. Before taking our seats were conversed with a couple from Geddes. Once in our seats we surveyed the crowd which was somewhat scarce. 

Oklahoma! was the first musical written by the team of composer Richard Rodgers and librettist Oscar Hammerstein II. The original Broadway production opened on March 31, 1943.

The ensemble’s dance numbers were well done and the dream sequence was well concieved.

The song, Pore Jud is Daid, was not needed. Not only was it condescending to mental health, but it would have helped to reduce the length of the play. As it was, we almost missed last call for food at Parker’s.

Good start for this year’s musical productions. We look forward to the rest of the season.

David Wilcox’s review in The Citizen.

Len Fonte’s review in The Post-Standard.

Linda Loomis’ review.

Other shows of this season:
From Here To Eternity
Crazy For You
Treasure Island
Million Dollar Quartet

Smokey Joe’s Cafe

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ringo Starr & the All-Starr Band

Ringo Starr & his All-Starr Band
Warren Ham (vocalist/saxophonist), Gregg Rolie of Santana, Ringo Starr, Steve Lukather of Toto,  Richard Page of Mr. Mister, Gregg Bissonnette (drummer), Todd Rundgren of Utopia
(Photo by Katrina Tulloch)

Michael and I left for Lakeview Amphitheater around 6 PM. Arrived early. Parking not a problem - long walk to where the crowd was in a queue waiting for the doors to open. Once the line moved we were in quickly. A long walk to the our seats. 
Looking for our seats - Section 206 Row F Seat 15 & 16. LiveNation took the above photo and put it up on their Facebook page. 

Good seats. People behind us were complaining about the venue and the price of beer and T-shirts. The gentleman made a comment, "Do they think senior citizens are rich.?" I commented, "We're not?"

Saw Mike and Lori walked down to visit. 
The stage.
View from the near the stage. Onondaga Lake. By the way there were no unpleasant odors.
Ringo and his All-Stars did good.
Richard Page on bass - Todd Rundgren on guitar - Ringo on Drums
Gregg Rolie on keyboards
Ringo on the large screen

Leaving was quixotic - people were impatient. We waited for our turn and went out smoothly. Stopped at Dorian’s for a slice of cheese pizza.

Joan and I got home around 12:30 AM.

Ringo Starr & the All-Starr Band set list:
Friday, June 3 at Lakeview Amphitheater

Matchbox (Carl Perkins cover) Willie Nelson
It Don't Come Easy (Ringo Starr song) Single
What Goes On (Ringo Starr The Beatles cover) Rubber Soul
I Saw the Light (Todd Rundgren cover)
Evil Ways (Willie Bobo cover)
Rosanna (Toto cover) Toto IV
Kyrie (Mr. Mister cover) Broken Wings Album
Bang the Drum All Day (Todd Rundgren cover)
Boys (The Shirelles cover)
Don't Pass Me By (The Beatles cover) Big Maybelle
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles cover)
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (Santana cover)
You're Sixteen (Johnny Burnette cover) Photograph album the very best of Ringo Starr
I'm the Greatest (Ringo Starr song)
You Are Mine (Richard Page cover) Peculiar Life
Africa (Toto cover)
Oye Como Va (Tito Puente cover) Santana
I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles cover)
Love Is the Answer (Utopia cover) The Bil Welch Band
Broken Wings (Mr. Mister cover) Broken Wings Album
Hold the Line (Toto cover)
Photograph (Ringo Starr song) Photograph album the very best of Ringo Starr
Act Naturally (Buck Owens cover) Photograph album the very best of Ringo Starr
With a Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover & Joe Crocker
Give Peace a Chance (Plastic Ono Band cover)


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