Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week Forty-Four - 8 to go

This debut novel for Australia's Michael Robotham introduces the protagonist, Joseph O’Loughlin, a psychologist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. While Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz, an Inspector Javert type, hounding of O’Loughlin provides a interesting plot twist, too many characters, too many twists, and too many details lead to a convoluted conclusion.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week Forty-Three - 9 to go

Updated and revised, this edition is a must addition to your carry bag as you travel through the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Plus, many colorful photos will help to enhance this journey.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week Forty-Two - 10 to go

Having read the Elvis Cole series backwards, finally learning the backstory of Elvis’ days as Ranger in Vietnam made reading this one worthwhile. Choosing kidnapping as the main plot driver and adding excessive amounts of violence might put some readers off. But the resourcefulness of Ben, Lucy’s son, and the establishment of Carol Starkey as a full-time character might save the day as the series goes forward.

St. Peter’s By The Lake Chapel

All these photos taken from a party barge
on the lake during a leaf-peeping excursion.
Tucked into the steep hillside at 4800 State Route 28, St Peter's By The Lake  offers  Episcopal worship services to summer visitors of all faith backgrounds. The Chapel is accessible by paved road or by boat on the north shore of Fourth Lake.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Leaf-Peeping 2016 Day Three

Night Sky - Fourth Lake

Note - clicking on photos enlarges them

Breakfast at The Pioneer Cafe. Amelia was our waitress. Returned to The Edge and checked out.

Went to Tug Hill Vineyards. Theresa greeted us in the wine cellar. There we purchased several bottles of Lake Effect wine.
Tug Hill Vineyards

Heading home on Rt. 177 turned left at Rodham and while entering Adams NY decided to visit Nana Rose. There we found the owner, Paula Biazzo, busy rearranging her shop. Also, we talked with Bill Smith from Watertown NY. Bill mentioned that he and his wife were in Big Moose NY last weekend. Bill's wife is an organist who was invited to play for the Big Moose church service. By the way, we purchased workman’s black bucket for $5.00.

Joan found an article in the Syracuse Newspapers highlighting the Country Store Antiques in Bernhards Bay. So we decided to stop in.

Pleasant woman named Penny was baking in a room off the main entrance. We chatted with her and purchased a freshly-baked banana muffin. We stopped at MickeyD's in Central Square. Joan had some grapes and I had a coffee and my muffin (very good - crunchy top).

Not wanting to pass by the Harbor View Wine & Liquor. We drove there and made some purchases.

Thursday so off to Skaneateles to the library and Doug’s for dinner.

Shopping at Wegmans for essentials and at The Farm for the newspaper completed Day Three of our leaf-peeping adventure.

Day One

Day Two (Part One) 

Day Two (Part Two)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Leaf Peeping Day Two (Part Two)

Fourth Lake Foliage

Note - clicking on photos enlarges them

Phoned Judy from Eagle Bay restroom stop.

Went to Indian Point an met up with Doc and Judy and the Gaige’s - Chris & Diane.

Using the Gaige’s party barge we went for a boat ride.

While on the water we went by St. Peter’s By The Lake Chapel.

We docked at The Great Pines Resort on Fourth Lake. Joan and I walked around and viewed the renovations to Mildred's grand lady.
Dining Room
Where the Staff Table was.
Where Bill, Ted and I made many a cocktail for the dinners.

Back at The Edge at 7:45 PM.
Dinner at Jeb’s. Shauna was our waitress.

After filling up with gas at Stewart’s in Lowville, we returned to The Edge.

Thus completed Day Two (Part Two) of our leaf-peeping adventure.

Day One

Day Two (Part One)

Day Three

Leaf-Peeping 2016 - Day Two (Part One)

Fourth Lake - Inlet NY

Note - clicking on photos enlarges them

Awakening at  The Edge we went to breakfast at The Pioneer Cafe. Amanda was our waitress.

Pulled into the Town of Inlet parking lot. After being informed by two maintenance men that restrooms were located for winter in the nearby Town Hall, we walked down to Fourth Lake and over to the former Rochester Bar site.
Former Site of Rochester Bar

Continued north to Raquette Lake.
Raquette Lake - Blue Mt. in the distance.
Raquette Lake Chapel
Raquette Lake Dock

Proceeded to Blue Mt. Lake. There met Hal and Kathy Hunter from Dayton OH. They asked us to take their photo with their iPhone.
Blue Mt. Lake
Blue Mt. Lake Cottages with Blue Mt. in the background.
Blue Mt. Lake
Team Cameron

Drove on to Long Lake.
Long Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake Seaplanes

Retreated to Blue Mt. Lake village and turned left towards Indian Lake. Came Lake Durant and pulled into the parking area. There we met an elderly woman and her husband walking their dog, Jake.
Lake Durant
Lake Durant
Lake Durant & Political Signs

Once in Indian Lake turned towards Speculator and then parked in the scenic viewing area just ouside of the village. There we met a photographer, Sean, from Johnstown. Sean photographs seasonal foliage and lady's roller derby.
Indian Lake Scenic Overlook
Indian Lake Scenic Overlook
Team Cameron
Thus completed Day Two (Part One) of our leaf-peeping adventure.

Day One

Day Two (Part Two)

Day Three

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Leaf-Peeping 2016 Day One

Fourth Lake

Note - clicking on photos enlarges them

Joan and I left home and after topping off the tank at BJ’s proceeded North. We mapped out at a new route which had us exited the Thruway at Canastota/Oneida. Using routes NY-31, NY-46, NY-26 we drove through Rome and on to The Edge arriving around 4:00 PM

After checking in to Room 104, we made our way to Whetstone Gulf State Park. Amy at the front desk gave us directions to the park. Once there we along the park trail to the first bridge.
We were surprised to see a payphone near the park office.
We left the park and made our way to The Pine Tree for dinner. The barmaid was the waitress. Our meal of  broiled Haddock with baked potato and vegetables and a green salad was very good.

Thus completed Day One of our leaf-peeping adventure.

Day Two (Part One)

Day Two (Part Two)

Day Three

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Monday, October 10, 2016


This evening Joan and I attended our sixth play of the 2016 season, Tenderly.

Two actors only. Both did a marvelous job. The play was both entertaining and thought provoking. We did not realize that Rosemary Clooney struggled with addiction to pills.

David Wilcox’s review in The Citizen.

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Other shows of this season:

From Here To Eternity

Crazy For You
Treasure Island
Million Dollar Quartet
Smokey Joe’s Cafe

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week Forty-One - 11 to go

A classic British country house mystery. Thanks to British Library Crime Classics’ this reprint is worth plodding through just to solve the myriad of sub plots. Farjeon’s writing is accurate and precise especially when he is describing the countryside.

Raquette Lake Chapel

 Chapel History

 Taken on 10/11/16 while leaf-peeping

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