Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Schweinfurth Art Center

205 Genesee Street
AUBURN, NY 13021

Turning onto Washington Street while returning home from Seymour Library this afternoon noticed an art display in the front yard of the Schweinfurth Art Center.  Did a U-turn to photograph the macrame display.

David Wilcox article in The Citizen.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Parade 2013

63 formerly 77

Made my annual trek to 63 formerly 77 to photograph the parade. The crowd was sparse. Most parade viewers seem to prefer to watch from downtown.

The politicians and their families queued before the marchers stepped off. State Senator John A. DeFrancisco in center with a drink in his hand.
Mayor Michael D. Quill and Assemblyman Gary D. Finch making a point with a constituent.
Auburn City Council members, Councilor William Graney, Councilor Peter Ruzicka, and Councilor Matthew Smith, confer.
Congressman Dan Maffei smooches a baby.
Kiltie Pipe Band pauses to pay homage to Father.
Vietman Honor guard passes by.
Corner Genesee & Seminary Ave.
Veterans pass the reviewing stand.

Auburn Civic Band entertains the crowd.
One of the several organizations participating in the parade.
Last minute purchasers of Duck Derby tickets.
Parade goers' last decision before returning home for the barbeque.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eaton Birding Society Huckleberry Swamp Field Trip

Eaton Birding Society made a field trip to Huckleberry Swamp, Catchpoll Rd., Wayne Co., Town of Rose today.

On the way to Huckleberry Swamp stopped at Phelps. There discovered a Meneely Bell, classic architecture, and an statue that looks amazingly like one in the Seward House garden.

Arrived at Huckleberry Swamp at 7:30 AM. Sheila Ferrari drove in shortly after and we visited until the group arrived. Linda Benedict was the leader. Seventeen members were in attendance. New life birds for me - Acadian Flycatcher, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (I actually saw this first along with Sheila and Betsy Russell on the boardwalk), & Northern Waterthrush.

Carolyn Jacobs and Linda Clark Benedict posted a report on eBird.

Fairy House - Huckleberry Swamp
Huckleberry Swamp Boardwalk

Went with some of the group that journeyed to Brown Road in Wolcott looking for a bird (do not recall the name). Pit stop at Kim and Brad’s. Riley was excited to see me.

While returning home made a quick detour to Armitage Road. Glad I did. There met Dave & Candice from Rome. Saw the Prothonotary Warbler up close ( less than 10’). Dave and Candice had their cameras and I am sure they got great photos.
Yellow Flag Iris 
Armitage Road
Armitage Road
Armitage Road

Plus for the day - Joan and I went walking in the afternoon and there he was. Horatio had returned for another season at Hoopes Park.

Another great day for birding.

Week Twenty-Two - 30 To Go

Confusion in the plot abounds and the blame does does rest with Hamish. The Todds did not put forth their best effort here. The Rutledge series deserves better.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week Twenty-One - 31 To Go

After finishing Book One had to wonder where Patterson and Ellis were taking me. Image Women’s Murder Club topsy-turvy. But glad that I kept going. In this work the Patterson novel mill (with the able assistance of David Ellis) has returned to the gripping suspense that was once its hallmark. Plus Abbie Elliot - Jack Bauer would be proud.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Howland Island Bird Walk

Montezuma Audubon Center scheduled a birding hike for today.

The Howland Island area of Montezuma is the focus area. This section of the Wildlife Refuge provides an excellent habitat for several long-distant migrating birds.

Before joining the group at the MAC stopped at Martens Tract.

With the exception of a lone Great Blue Heron and several Tree Swallows the area was quiet.

On a hunch decided to drive over to Cancross Road. Glad I did. There south of the dirt road along the berm was a family of Sandhill Cranes.

At 9:00 AM arrived at the MAC. There Chris Lajewski, MAC Education Manager, was assembling the group which numbered twenty-six. After shuttling over to Cancross Road crossed the new bridge to Howland Island and parked just pass the gated parking lot. The group began on trek. One of the first birds seen was a Baltimore Oriole.

The Howland Island trail provided a pleasant walk. The path was dry and there were no bugs. Seventeen species were seen. Two life birds for me - Mourning Warbler & Red-eye Vireo - thanks to Chris and two astute women bird watchers.
Breeder E. Pond - Howland Island
Arum Pond - Howland Island
Birding Group Leaving Howland Island

Another great day for birding.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ruff (Philomachus pugnax)

Adult Male in Stunning Breeding Plumage

After lunch read an email from birder Bill Purcell stating the Ruff had relocated at Coot Pond on Howland Island. Purcell stated that he had seen the Ruff at noon today.

Googled Coot Pond. Told Joan that I was off to see the Ruff.

Heavy construction at the corner of York and State streets. Passed through Troop where it was snowing. Bridge construction just before Howland Island Road on Rt. 38 north of Port Byron.
After parking the car made my way to the iron bridge. Crossed the bridge (which always seems to give me vertigo).
On the bridge met Bill Purcell and his companion. Thanked Bill for his email. Bill said the Ruff was still here on the south side of the pond.
At the first intersection took a left.
Coot Pond was just ahead on the right.
First scan turned up nothing. But with a second pass I saw the Ruff. It was out there, way out there. Decided to try to approach from a different angle. Continued to walk south along the road. Then went west along the edge of a plowed field. When I thought that I was parallel with the Ruff bushwhacked through the woods. Came out on the edge of the pond. There right in front of me were the Ruff and two Yellowlegs. A barn swallow came to light on a reed. Several Tree Swallows were flying around. Had some terrific looks at the Ruff. But unfortunately forgot the camera was not on stabilization mode, so photos turned out fuzzy.
Walked back to the east bank of the pond. Not only had I moved but the Ruff did too. Now the Ruff plus the Yellowlegs were only about a hundred feet in front of me. Great photos.
Preparing to leave I saw a couple coming down the road from the intersection. The man and the woman stopped at the northeast edge of the pond. I approached them to reassure they were on the Ruff. They had a scope and were most gracious to let me use it.

Making my way back to the car met Dave Wheeler and his friend Rose in the middle of the bridge. Dave was all excited to know the Ruff was here. Rose took a moment to photographed the water below.

Another great day for birding.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week Twenty - 32 To Go

As one reviewer once said, “Rumpole is hilarious brain candy”.  After reading this collection of stories and chuckling aloud you will probably nod your head in agreement.