Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Forty-Four - 8 To Go

"Who doesn't have a secret?" asks crazy Ruth.

Penny is at the top of her game. Hope this is not the last book in this series. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tim's Pumpkin Patch - 2013 Visit

 Although the day was threatening flurries Joan and I trekked out to Tim's Pumpkin Patch for our annual Fall visit.
Looking East out of the barn

The weather gave us a break and we arrived dry. A school group of  inner city kids were just entering the corn maze. The brisk wind carried their giggles and shrieks across the farm. But could not get a smile out of the door keeper.
Joan picked out some gourds and Indian corn.
I checked out the goats.
After paying for our purchases and making sure we bought a molasses cookie, we departed.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week Forty-Three - 9 To Go

This edition to the series brought to mind the Kingston Trio’s Worried Man. Jack had me worried that he had become overly pedantic. But thanks to the final four lines in the novel I won’t be worried long.

Eaton Birding Society - Beechwood State Park

The Eaton Birding Society visited Beechwood State Park today. Lyn Jacobs led the walk. The group consisted of 11 birders including a first timer - Martha from Honeoye Falls.

The eastern parking lot was filled with salmon fishermen so we queued in the western parking lot.  Under Lyn's lead we headed down the trail. We approached a new trail - Hill & Dale Trail.
This trail certainly was named right. Some of us quickly improvised walking sticks to help us navigate the steep inclines and descents. The highlight of this trail was viewing a Pileated woodpecker, a Northern Flicker and a Red-bellied woodpecker exploring cavities in the same tree.

Lyn led us on another new trail - Overlook Trail. There along the Ontario Lake shoreline were three fishermen.
Returning to our cars we observed a Hermit Thrush (a life bird for me) and an Eastern Towhee.
Did not get directions to the breakfast diner. Thought I knew the way. I did not. So took a side trip to Sodus Bay and completed four geocaches.
Another great day for birding.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week Forty-Two - 10 To Go

Prick your imagination. The closer you pay to the details, the more pleasure you will derive from this reading experience.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Forty-One - 11 To Go

Louisiana Sheriff’s Detective Dave Robicheaux and his longtime friend and partner Clete Purcel ride again. This time through Montana. Perhaps this is why the plot poses a challenge. Could this be Burke’s last hurrah?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

Seward House Fountain

The Auburn group, Eva Briggs and I, left the municipal parking lot in front of City Hall on South Street at 10:15 AM. Heading south we entered the Seward House gardens.
We then walked to Genesee Street to capture the murals on the Boyle Center and the Citizen building.
Eva Briggs

Walking up State Street we encountered Matteo Bartolotta and his son, Anthony. Anthony escorted us through the new apartments and the new bakery, which are under construction. Matteo invited us to have lunch on him at Bambinos.
Anthony Bartolotta - composed by Eva Briggs

It started to sprinkle so Eva and I headed back to our cars. Then in front of the Seward House we saw another photographer. It was Jim Alley. Due to a traffic accident Jim had been held up on his way from Rochester.
Seward House - composed by Jim Alley

The drizzle continued so we went into the Westminster Presbyterian Church. There workers, Jim and Mathew, were doing some maintenance. Mathew turned on the lights in the sanctuary so we could photograph the interior.

Leaving the church we made our way to Court Street and on to the flower garden in back of Seymour Library. There we encountered Alice, a library patron.
Jim Alley

We proceeded to Veterans Memorial Park.

Before returning to our cars we climbed to the roof of the municipal parking garage.

After putting our gear away we walked to Bambinos.

Here the service was excellent and the food supreme. We all had something Italian. The host graciously acknowledged the lunch was on Matteo Bartolotta.

While our numbers were few, the day shoot went extremely well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaf-Peeping 2013

Fall is our favorite season. There is no better place to observe Fall’s magic than in the Adirondacks. Thus Joan and I used this week to continue our tradition of leaf-peeping.

Arrived at Camp Michael on Monday (10/1/13) evening at 6:15 P.M. We had purchases two Subway sandwiches, Corden Bleu & Tuscan Chicken, in Lowville. These plus Aunt Dorothea's chocolate pie and coconut cream pie and chocolate zucchini bread made for a pleasant welcome meal. Temperature in the camp was fine. That with the quiet made for great sleeping.

Arose Tuesday (10/2/13) morning at 6:15 AM. Turn on heat to take the morning chill out. Joan made us Thomas' Muffin egg sandwiches for breakfast. Opened the front door to find some Amanita mushrooms growing under the pine trees.
Left on our road trip around 10:30AM. Headed down Stillwater Road. Stillwater Reservoir is way down. The barge with a truck on board was having a difficult time landing.
Made our way down the Big Moose Road to Eagle Bay.
Once reaching Eagle Bay we headed for Inlet. Stopped at the Inlet park - a couple were sitting on a bench which was on top of the geocache.
The Fourth Lake boathouse looks no worse for wear.
Continued to Raquette Lake. There an SU fan expressed confidence in Saturday's upcoming game with Clemson.
Looking at the W.W. Duant Joan and I recalled our luncheon cruise (9.24.01).
Back on the highway we headed North to Blue Mt. Lake.
Continued on to Long Lake.
Did a u-turn and headed for Old Forge. Passing again through Blue Mountain pulled into Blue Mountain Designs where Joan bought me a hat. There was a large twig chair and an old rowboat next to the building.
Since it was only mid-afternoon we did not stop to eat at Daiker's. Went over the McKeever Road. Turned at Burdick's Crossing Road and passes the Valley Brook Drive In.
 Got to the Pine Tree parking lot in Brantingham just before 5:05 PM. Inquired if they were serving dinner. Since they were we told them we would be back. Drove around Brantingham Lake. Saw the Demmo's summer home.
Our meal (wedding soup, salad, Chicken Parm with zita) at the Pine Tree was excellent. Tammy, our waitress, did good. Stopped at the Grieg General Store and purchased the Watertown Daily Times. Get back to Camp Michael a little after 7:00 PM.