Sunday, September 22, 2013

Montezuma Heritage Park

Mural at the trail entrance

After birding the Seneca Meadows Wetlands Preserve with The Eaton Birding Society stopped at the Montezuma Heritage Park in Montezuma NY.
This 140-acre park along the Seneca River/NYS Barge Canal is part of the eastern portion of the Seneca River Crossing Canal Historic District and is designated on the National Register of Historic Places.
As I parked the car was greeted by Cheryl Longyear, Montezuma Town Historian. Cheryl was sprucing up the entrance to the nature walking trails. Cheryl introduced me to the trail system suggesting it was only 0.8 miles to the magnificent Richmond Aqueduct. Thanking her for the directions stepped off onto the trail.

Approached Trail #2.
Here was a bench, historic sign and an informative kiosk.
After reading the the information entered Trail #2.
Came upon a bench on Trail #2. Read the marker and followed the arrow to Clinton's Ditch and Lock 62.
An description plaque gave the background history of Clinton's Ditch and Lock 62. Used a makeshift bridge to cross over to take a photo.
Approaching the end of Trail #2 came upon another sign post.
Explored the Richmond Aqueduct from the top and underneath.
Used a plank bridge to cross over to Paper Mill Trail #4.
Walking down Trail #4 came upon a sign post describing the Montezuma Fibre Co. Explored the ruins.
Further down Trail #4 appeared a direction finder for Trail #6. Took the path less traveled.
Came on to the Meil & Son Drydock.
Then approached a trail leading to Cayuga-Seneca Lock 11. Took a quick look.
Concluded my walk at a berm at the entrance of Heritage Park.
Enjoyed experiencing the Erie Canal in Montezuma as much as those who visited here long ago.
The following photos were taken from on board the Emita on our August 19, 2013 trip.
From water or from land the Richmond Aqueduct makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

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