Sunday, July 17, 2016

Model T Visit

Hundreds of Model T Fords and their loyal owners will converge on Auburn this week for the Model T Ford Club International's 60th Annual Tour.
The daily tour starts and ends at the Holiday Inn, 75 North Street, in Auburn. The tour will be on back roads only.

We caught up with the group at Emerson Park.
The Model T is the car that put Ford on the map.

Some of Model T radiator caps:
How to drive a Model T: The Model T has a three pedal automatic transmission. The pedal on the right that looks like the accelerator is the really the brake. the pedal in the middle that looks like the brake puts the car in reverse. The pedal on the left that should be the clutch puts the car into first gear. Then the lever that looks like a floor-mounted shifter puts the transmission into second gear. The throttle is the lever on the steering wheel.
Model T Ford Group's Photographer
Model T Ford Group's Cinematographer

Production of the Model T began in 1908 and ended in 1927. The Model T debuted with a cost of $850, but it sold for as little as $260 in later years because Henry Ford passed along the savings from his production innovations.
Ford sold 15 million Model T coupes, touring cars, and sedans.
So glad this Chicago based club chose Auburn for its visit.

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