Sunday, May 28, 2017

Genesee Beer Tanks

Genesee Beer Tanks

Barges carrying Genesee beer tanks destined for the Genesee Brewery in Rochester NY used the Erie Canal.

Genesee Beer Tanks approaching the lock at Mays Point.
Genesee Beer Tanks entering the lock at Mays Point.
Deck Hands
Genesee Beer Tanks in the lock.
Wenching through the lock.
Leaving the lock.

These tanks were making their way down the Erie Canal to Rochester whrre they will be a key part of Genesee Brewery's $49 million renovation. These formation tanks were literally on "a slow boat from China." Many of today's spectators toasted the tanks with Genesee beer and Cream Ale as they made their way through the lock at Mays Point.

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