Friday, June 9, 2017

M&T JazzFest 2017

Joan and I attended the 35th Jazz Fest. We sat behind those two fellows. The  evening would turn out to be ideal weather-wise. The only problem was when a wind burst tipped over the paper plates on our laps. Fortunately our Panera salads survived. All the photos that follow were taken from our seats.

Marc Brossaud was playing when we arrived.
Frank Malfitano congratulated Marc Broussand for his great set.
While they were setting up the main stage, Carrie Lazarus introduced Nick DiMaria and the Manhattan Jazz Alliance from the C&S Extraordinary Talent Stage.
Ramsey Lewis Electric Quintet was next on the program.
(Post-Standard photo)

Ramsey Lewis just celebrated his 82nd birthday. He played like he was in this prime.
Michael and I saw Ramsey Lewis at the 2004 Jazz Fest when he and his trio were the headliners.

The Price Chopper Fireworks were displayed after Ramsey Lewis left the stage.
The headliners, The Mavericks, took the stage around 10:00 PM.
We left after four numbers to beat the crowd out of the parking lot.


Crowd Scenes
Hula Hoop Dancer
Popcorn & Peanut Man

2009 Syracuse Jazz Fest 

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